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Al Diaz
Self-Love Guide

Al Diaz is an acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author and Film Producer. With over 12 years experience and 1,000's of satisfied clients. Guiding clients to remember the gift, value, or purpose they bring to our world…and most importantly into their own Life. Al’s passion is to assist you in reconnecting and raising your level of awareness and bringing forth the consciousness for healing, blessings, and empowerment, triggering shift and change, ascension through Love, discovering newer dimensions that represent liberation, and the freeing of our Heart for our own personal greatness. Connect with Al: https://www.facebook.com/IlumineAoAlDiaz


White Eagle
Shaman Ceremony

White Eagle is a being of light living the human experience and whose mission of life is to help others in this period of the awakening of consciousness. He is a Peruvian natural born Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Guide and a Shamanic Practitioner. Who has been in the Spiritual Path for more than 30 years. He currently resides in Lake Mathews California where he is creating a community-healing center dedicated to raise the vibration of our planet.


Maggie Anderson
Soul Activator, Cosmic & Shamanic Energy Healer

Maggie is an Author, Master Shamanic Cosmic Healer, Soul Activator, Channel offering you Magical Online Classes, Multidimensional Quantum Healing, Munay-Ki Rites, Sound Healing, Sacred Sound Journey Events, IET, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Channeling Sessions, Soul and Twin Flame Activations, as well Soul Coaching® and mentoring. Maggie is the creator of Sacred Soul Star Healing and Mystic Soul. Maggie is your guide to raise your vibration and activate your soul’s crystalline lightbody aligning you with your I AM presence and truest Soul’s mission for the awakening of Gaia and all of humanity. To learn more about Maggie and her offerings, please go here: MaggiesBliss.com


Dr. Brooke Foreman, DACM, NBC-HWC
The Anti-inflammatory Coach and Founder of Vitality Success Blueprint™

Dr. Brooke is a former pharmaceutical sales rep turned Chinese Medicine Doctor, and international fitness & yoga presenter.  She is the founder of Vitality Success Blueprint™, a world leader in vitality and lifestyle enhancement education. Die hard lover of chocolates, golden retrievers and scuba diving, her aim is to inspire people to live a balanced, vibrant life by reducing inflammation. 


Janice Reed
Hawaiian Style Stepping Massage

Aloha ke Akua, Enjoy a Hawaiian Style Step Massage by Janice Reed. From the tradition of Kua Lua and the island of Kauai. This is a 30 to 60 minute activating massage that leaves the client feeling energized, balanced, and aware of their body. Kua Lua is comfortably received lying face down on a mat with a headrest. Hawaiian trained practitioner since 2016, Janice begins the session with a short pule or prayer and a silent intention to align the session with the Highest Good of the client, herself, and humanity. Then she begins the treatment by rocking the body and letting her feet say hello to the spine. From there she begins stepping at the sacrum and tailbone, working down both legs and feet, up and down the back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, and head. Ending the session with a balancing treatment and percussion up and down the back. Hawaiian Style Stepping = On the ground, performed with the feet, 99% Spiritual.

This powerful tropical spiritual retreat includes:

Sunday, 1p.m. is Opening Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony. Saturday, 1p.m. is Closing Ceremony.


9 Rites of Awakening
on the Beach



Releasing,Forgiving and Healing
Al Diaz

Fire Ceremony
in the Evening
on the Beach

Al Diaz



Opening the Heart Ceremony
on the land

White Eagle


Your Vitality

Dr. Brooke

Fire Cermemony
in the Evening
on the Beach

White Eagle


Sacred River


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What People Are Saying

Sedona Retreat Recipient

Maggie is a power source! I am honored to have met her and experience her magic and healing guidance.

Sedona Retreat Recipient

I was truly impressed with White Eagle's wisdom and natural sense of knowing. I am looking forward to observing more of his wisdom

Sedona Retreat Recipient

Al is very special and his guidance enlighten a renewed sense of exctiment to what my future will unfold.